Tour #1 - Hillier #1 Wine Tour.

This tour involves visiting the wineries in and around the quaint village of Hillier in Hillier Ward, Prince Edward County.


Beer Tour - Prince Edward County, Ontario.

This tour involves visiting the new and growing beer and distilled spirits facilities in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Mix/Match Tour - Mix and Match Wineries and Breweries.

On this tour you pick your favorite 4 wineries or breweries located within Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Welcome to Ride With John.

Ride with John is a beer & wine touring business operating in Prince Edward County, Canada's newest and fast growing wine growing region with a least 40+ wineries/vineyards. People ask, "John how are you different from the competition?" Well, smaller in size, I have one vehicle and most of all, I want people to discover the mystery and magic of Prince Edward County. I've been living in the county, on and off for years starting in March 1977. When I was young, 16 years old, I didn't want to be in the "County." Why, being young and stupid not to realize how beautiful Prince Edward County is. Over the course of time, working in 3 countries and then returning to Canada in 2004, the County seemed quite unique. I heard about the growing wine industry in the County. I thought it was a joke. After all, this is The County, nothing much happens here. At time I helped my brother and mother run Westlake Marina, which was a collection of cottages, a marina and a place that was very charming, but catered to the fishing crowd. Around 2005, I realized that the wine industry was here to stay. I had a encounter with a British gentleman that stated, "This is the most beautiful place that I visited." That my friends is the truth.

So 13 years later I'm catering to a rather sophisticated crowd. I actually started picking up passengers at various wineries scattered through out the County, This happeed about 3 years ago while driving for a local PEC cab company. What I discovered shocked me; they were comparing the County to Napa Valley, South Africa and even the wine growing regions of France!

So getting back to the question, how do you compare to the competition? I'm smaller business so I can adapt quicker to changing tastes. I employ a website that is simple and quick to point out what I have to offer, social media outlets. I have a wonderful vehicle with data ports and charging stations and my guests can choose what kind of music they would like to hear or no music at all. Most of all, when they get bored, (that won't happen) I'll tell about a few of my adventures in the UK and the United States!

Group of young friends toast with glasses of wine in a vineyard
Vineyard Green #1951 P deWitt

Want More?

If you're interested in talking to John about your next Beer or Wine tour, call John at 613-922-0160 or e-mail him @ 

We will only book the max number of people, which is 6 on Saturday bookings only.  After Labour Day 2020, we will allow 2 people or more on Saturdays.

Please Note - We don't cover the beer or wine tastings. That is why our prices our consistently lower than our competitors. Our tours are also private, meaning you will not share the same vehicle with complete strangers. Please keep that in mind when booking with us.