5 Tips To Pick A Gobbling-Good Wine

“It’s that time again,” I said to myself this morning.
Time to write the annual Thanksgiving letter to friends and family.
(I go with this timing rather than Christmas… better chance of being read in a less crowded market.)

“How did that come round so quickly?” I asked myself.
No answer.
These conversations often end like this 😉
Here we are, just 6 days from Thanksgiving.
Do you have some wines in mind for the big bird?

No other holiday celebrates the gift of wine like Thanksgiving. Wine is a taste of the harvest along with all the delicious dishes on the table.
But actually choosing a bottle can feel like a thankless task, especially with so many flavors to match. Relax. Have a drink.

Watch the video

Some wines for your weekend:

BC (stock), Alberta, LCBO (stock), SAQ (stock), NB, NS

Canada, US, World

Join me in this online wine and food pairing class.

Discover a wine that’s perfect for your Thanksgiving feast 😉

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