Comfort Food 🍝πŸ₯‚ Wine Pairing

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Comfort food I get, but comfort wine? Isn’t all wine comforting? I guess there is a special category when it comes to pairing wine with comfort food..image

But! There is no pairing for waffles and syrup, don’t do it πŸ˜‰Β Okay, maybe, maybe Icewine. Will have to “research” that this weekend.Β Do you have a comfort food and wine pairing?image

Yes, I know that I’m supposed to be forward-looking to spring with a chirpy article about zesty white wines to pair with fresh vegetables, but it’s so cold outside …

… and I’m tired of writing seasonally-appropriate editorial content. So let’s make wallowing fun, and turn to comfort wines paired with comfort food.

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More wines for your weekend:

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