First, Few Step Crotia

“How are those first few bites?”

That question used to bug the heck out of me until I watched it satirized on the brilliant tv show Baroness Von Sketch.

The world’s most overbearing server also asks how the third, fourth and fifth bites are, and so on…

What about the sixth and seventh sips?

That’s what interests me 😉

John, how were your first and second bottles this week?

Meanwhile, on CTV News, we dive into Croatian wines.

Croatia hugs the Adriatic Sea, and is neighbours with Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro.

The wines are terrific, especially for the price. Find out more >

Watch the video

More wines for your week:

BC (stock), Alberta, LCBO (stock), SAQ (stock), NB, NS

Canada, US, World



P.S. Everyone, join me in this online wine and food pairing class.

Find a wine that you’ll love from the first few sips to the last ones 😉imageDownload this app

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