Know The Real Alcoholics And Their Pewter Flasks Anywhere

They say alcohol is the devil’s best weapon against mankind. It’s not a surprise, considering the evils brought about by the potent liquid. Many crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol. Lives are ruined, dreams are shattered, and families are broken apart when alcohol is taken in irresponsibly in large quantities.

But looking beyond the damage brought about by booze, alcohol can also be quite delightful, especially for those who take it seriously. Alcohol was the nectar taken with the ambrosia by the gods of Mount Olympus. Fine liquor tickles the senses and brings euphoria when consumed. True alcohol connoisseurs appreciate that fact, and with pewter flasks in hand, they would argue that alcohol is not as evil as we’re all made to believe.

Drink Moderately

Alcohol aficionados and their pewter flasks are everywhere. It is an insult to label them as “drunks” because drunk, they are not. Alcohol aficionados strive with moderation in mind. A sip from a wine glass here and a gulp from pewter flasks there and they’re quite satisfied. True aficionados accept that the affinity to alcohol requires responsibility. They know their limits and never venture to cross the line. To them, the taste of alcohol, the slight buzz, and the play of flavors in their palate is more than enough to satiate their thirst.

Alcohol As An Art

Alcohol aficionados are experts in many a form of alcohol and consider the consummation of such as an art. They can pinpoint liquor age and quality without the aid of labels. A sniff through pewter flasks can usually do the trick.

True aficionados know the best mix and the best concentration of certain alcohol combinations to achieve the best buzz and the best taste. It is not a simple matter of putting several kinds of liquor in pewter flasks and hoping for the best. It is an art that has been in existence for hundreds of years and can only be honed and perfected after years of discipline and moderation.

Spot The Masters

True alcohol connoisseurs are easy enough to spot as it is. They are the ones luxuriously swirling the liquid in a wine glass right under their noses before they venture to take a sip. They carry around a delightful concoction of a mixed drink or an age-old whisky in pewter flasks. They can even be found in your friendly neighborhood pub. That’s right – bartenders.

Imagine working behind a bar all night in close proximity to every liquor known to humankind. A lesser man will succumb and will probably be in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) faster than you can say “scotch on the rocks”. Bartenders are the creme de la creme of alcohol aficionados. They know their liquor and can make magic out of it, as many an alcoholic can confirm.

The True AA

Indeed, alcohol art has survived over centuries to torment the weak mortals of today. But for the chosen few connoisseurs, it is simply a matter of being responsible for that next sip from pewter flasks. It won’t hurt to learn a thing or two from them.

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