Let’s Celebrate πŸŽ‚πŸ’ƒ Bring Wine!

What’s the fastest way to increase your wine savvy?
How do you find low-cal wines in the liquor store?
How can you use the “wet t-shirt trick” to quickly cool a bottle of white wine?
Which hilariously named Sangria recipe should you try today?
How did a mistaken restaurant order spark my passion for wine?

It’s Episode 100!

Happy Birthday!!! Thank-you for helping the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast reach its 100-episode milestone and make it to…

The New York Times “7 Best Drinks Podcasts” (!)

To celebrate, I’m announcing 3 winners of a signed hardcover edition of Unquenchable on today’s episode.

Did you win?

Find out on today’s episode of Unreserved Wine Talk. We’re chatting with Sheila Walsh and Anita MacArthur, hosts of the Moms Sipping Sangria podcast.

John, you’ll also discover:

Hey Everyone, tune in here for all of these answers my wine-lovin’ friends!

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