Overindulge In Gourmet Chocolates

Many people spend tons of money on fine wines and often pay an extraordinary amount of money for a single bottle of wine. Not many people would guess that it could be true for chocolates as well, not even gourmet chocolate.

However, nowadays there are chocolate manufacturers that specifically target the higher end of the chocolate market. One of these companies is Amadei. Their chocolates have brought the term terroir to the chocolate world.

Terroir is most often associated with wines. It is used to describe the wine flavors and tones that are associated with a specific wine growing region.

Amadei was established in the early 90s and is placed in Italy. Chocolate connoisseurs are going crazy over their gourmet chocolates.

Their unique gourmet chocolates like Chuao and Porcelana can easily cost you more than $200 for 1 kg!

Those prices are in line with what people would be willing to pay for an expensive wine. Just like money does not matter for the true wine lover, for the true chocolate connoisseur these prices are negligible if the chocolate is of outstanding quality. Amadei is unquestionably amongst the finest of gourmet chocolates around.

If those kinds of prices scare you off then a good alternative, but still an excellent choice, is the Godiva line of chocolates. Their dark gourmet chocolates will cost you approximately $70 for 1 kg. Apart from Godiva, there are also several other excellent gourmet chocolate choices, such as Valrhona, Scharffen Berger, plus other smaller local manufacturers. The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory in Hawaii grows their own cocoa and produces their own chocolates locally.

If truffles are your weakness then you absolutely have to try the Amadei truffles. They are not as pricey as the chocolate squares.

It is very difficult to go wrong with chocolate. When you look for new and interesting choices that you haven’t tried before you’re bound to find more than what you can reasonably afford. Since chocolate is so popular, there are many websites devoted to the topic of gourmet chocolates.

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