3 Dog Winery - August 24, 2019

This place is wonderful. Located in the northeast corner of Prince Edward County, on Fish Lake Road.

Kinsip Distillery - August 24, 2019

Another wonderful place, located on Gilead Road, west of the village of Bloomfield, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Sandbanks Winery - August 27, 2019

One of the 'bigger" wineries located in the County, Sandbanks Winery is a very popular place with the wine lovers that flock to this fun and amazing place. Located west of the town of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario, on Highway 33/Loyalist Parkway.

Gillingham's Brewery - August 27, 2019

In my estimation, Gillingham's have a great selection of craft beer and ales available. Located at the western end of Wilson Road, north of the town of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Casa-Dea Estates Winery - August 29, 2019

Casa-Dea Estates WInery. An expansive winery located in the cluster of 2 other wineries located at the western end of Greer Road, Hillier Ward, Prince Edward County, Ontario. The establishment has a well stock wine store, a tasting area, an beautiful outdoor patio/gardens as well as facilities for wedding receptions and even a bocce ball playing area. Even that isn't your style, you could always play a game of oversized chess! This place has something for everyone.

Del Gatto Estates Winery - September 01, 2019

Del Gatto Estates WInery. It could be characterized as being "cute," but don't let the charm fool you into believing that the wine makers just happened to have stumbled in the wine making process. No these guys are great at producing fantastic wine. People love the place. Located in the eastern section of Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Domaine Darius Winery - September 13, 2019

Domaine Darius. The name alone has a exotic feel to it. Sandwiched between Gillingham's Brewery and Sugar Bush Winery, this is truly a gem amongst the other diamonds in the Prince Edward County Wine growing region. Wilson Road is getting crowded! It's all good because, well, if you love wine and unique wines, this is the place to visit. Located north of the town of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Broken Stone Winery - September 14, 2019

Broken Stone Winery. Another unique winery located on Closson Road. A small winery, the owners are very passionate about growing great grapes, using natural practices to produce great wines. Located north and west of the town of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Closson Chase Winery - September 14, 2019

One of those big wineries that you hear of, but it doesn't have the feel or look of a impersonal business. Very charming location, great people with a passion for the business of wine production of wonderful wines. Located basically along the middle part of Closson Road, intersecting with Chase Road, hence the name, Closson Chase. Located in Hillier, north of the town of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

County Cider Co. - September 29, 2019

One of the first cider companies in the County, The County Cider company used to be called the Waupoos Cider Company. Don't be fooled by the name change, as their cider is second to none. A popular place with the growing devotees of the cider brew. Located in Waupoos, southeast of the town of Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Rose Hall Run Winery - September 31, 2019

Rose Hall Run Winery is located at the end of the well travelled Greer Road. Rose Hall Run is know for it's red wines and amazing tastes, ingrained with natural elements from the limestone rich soil. Located about 10 minutes from the town of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario. This winery should be on your "bucket" list.

Stanner's Winery - September 31, 2019

Stanner's Winery is found on Station Road, just outside of the hamlet of Hillier. Stanner's is one of those small, family owned wineries located in the heart of western Prince Edward County.

Trail Estate Winery - October 08, 2019

Trail Estate Winery is a absolute gem! All trails lead to this enchanting piece of Heaven. Located on a gravel road, Benway Road, it's a unlikely place that you would associate with great wine. Located just south of Closson Road, west of the town of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario. It should be on your "bucket" list.

Strange Brew - October 12, 2019

Strange Brew, another gem. This establishment have unique brews available to those who seek out this place of "strange" brews. Located on Chase Road, half way between Closson Road and Swamp College Road, west and north of the town of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Sugar Bush Winery - October 26, 2019

One of those boutique wineries, Sugar Bush Winery is located just down the road from Gillingham's Brewery, the western end of Wilson Road, north of the town of Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Waupoos Winery - November 29, 2019

Another wonderful place on County Road #8, located in the area known as Waupoos, southeast of Picton, on Waupoos Bay, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

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