Slow Aging With A 50-70% Raw Food Diet!

Modern advertising is constantly pounding us with ads about how and where to eat. Or what we should be eating. Common sense tells us that a much of this ìfoodî is unhealthy but it taste so good that you canít resist. What is sure to eventually happen is a downward spiral of your physical health if you are not willing to change your diet.

As scientific research figure out what foods promote a strong and vibrant body, it is becoming clear that many of diseases that are connected to aging are the result of a poor diet. Eating a diet high in raw veggies and fruit would lower the risk of most of these diseases but are overlooked as refined sugar and starches are the preferred food of westerners. A diet abundant with raw food everyday will cleanse your body and began to normalize your body fat levels. By spending less energy on digestion, your body can detox properly and spend time repairing damaged cells.

The most important of the anti aging foods are the ones that are high in antioxidants. Free radicals are damaging to our bodies always being produced as a result of metabolism, so antioxidants are needed to remove the free radicals from the body before the particles can damage body cells. You should eat as much raw plant life as possible, particularly raw fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contain antioxidants. Eating raw nuts will introduce unheated vegetable oil to your body, which supplies lots of enzymes and antioxidants.

Eating 100% whole grains should be your focus because the body converts the sugar in these carbohydrate sources at a slow rate. The fiber from these grains can help you to quickly eliminate toxic waste from the body and the grains themselves are full of antioxidants much needed by the body. This is the type of diet consumed by our ancient ancestors, who stayed youthful and hard working into their senior years. Health food experts have claimed for decades about the benefits of a diet high in whole grains and the evidence is now overwhelming. Whole grains are the best way to get your daily supply of complex carbohydrates.

Proteins should come from beans, nuts, and seafood. Healthy fats include olive oil and, to a lesser extent, other vegetable oils. Try to avoid fat from land animals. I personally endorse a diet of 50-70% raw food, just to give you a way to fit some of your favorite foods into your new way of living. Most people come to enjoy eating these wholesome foods. And they are able to enjoy good health longer into their senior years. An anti aging diet would really go a long way toward feeling the way a person should as they age.

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