The June Motel: New, Hip And In The County

Owner of The June Motel9 times out of 10 you’ll probably want to stay for extended period of time in Prince Edward County. There is a growing list of places to lay your head down in The County. One of these is the newly created June Motel.

The June Motel was created from the iconic Sportsman Motel, one of the favourite stops for the avid fisherman and outdoors-man (or woman). No any longer. At one time you would have found fishing gear outside the motel room or in the parking lot, a pick up truck with a 20 foot boat in tow. Today, different story. The girls have taken over and it’s pretty evident. Sports cars in the parking lot, pink doors and the only thing fishy about this place might be the odd shrimp or trout on the menu when they have special events.

The June Motel was created by long time friends April Brown and Sarah Sklash, who share a love for Prince Edward County, good wine and creative designs. The June Motel was known as The Sportsman Motel for over 50 years and these two friends redesigned the vintage motel and re-invented the motel experience. Now local hospitality is served up with
a chilled glass of wine – just the way they like it!

I highly recommend staying at the June Motel.


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