Tour #1 - Northwest of Wellington Wine Tour.

This tour mainly involves visiting the wineries along Danforth Road in Hillier Ward, Prince Edward County.

Tour #4 - Along Lake Ontario Tour

This tour mainly involves visiting the wineries along the south western shore of Lake Ontario in Hillier Ward, specifically from Greer Road, Rosehall to Wellington, Prince Edward County.

Tour #2- Hillier Wine Tour.

This tour involves visiting the Wineries that surround the village hamlet of Hillier in Hillier Ward.

Tour #5 - Waupoos Wine Tour

The Waupoos Wine Tour starts at Picton, and continues into North Marysburgh Ward. The hills and uplands combines to make this tour truly magical.

Tour #3 - Closson Road Wine Tour.

On this tour we visit the wineries that located on Closson Road in Hillier Ward, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Tour #6 - Southern Prince Edward County

This tour takes place in what is considered the sparsely populated area of Prince Edward County. What South Marysburgh lacks in population makes up in terms of natural beauty.

Beer Tour - Prince Edward County, Ontario.

This tour involves visiting the new and growing beer and distilled spirits facilities in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Mix/Match Tour - Mix and Match Wineries and Breweries.

On this tour you pick your favorite 4 wineries or breweries located within Prince Edward County, Ontario.

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Dedicated to my customers

Ride with John is a new company dedicated to providing wine and beer lovers with a excellent guided tour service. My goal is to put a smile on each and everyone that rides with me.

My Customers Come First

When I tell my customers come first, that means their tours are important. It might be a young couple that are about to fall in love or a seniors renewing their vows. The tour might be a group of friends celebrating a upcoming wedding or maybe a girls weekend out. It doesn't matter. As long as my customers are happy, John is happy.

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Want More?

If you're interested in talking to John about your next Beer or Wine tour, call John at 613-922-0160 or e-mail him @

Saturdays are always Prime Days, meaning that for 2 people, the price is $350. $250 is for Sunday to Friday.

For groups over 2 people, I will only take payment from one designated person in that group. 

Please Note - We don't cover the beer or wine tastings. That is why our prices our consistently lower than our competitors. Our tours are also private, meaning you will not share the same vehicle with complete strangers. Please keep that in mind when booking with us.