You’ll Like These Kosher Wines

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We’re chatting about kosher wines here this evening:

– Why are they one of the fastest growing segments in the liquor store?

– Did you know that about 50% of those who drink these wines aren’t Jewish?

– How are kosher wines different from non-kosher?

– Why will you be pleasantly surprised with their taste?


Pour yourself a glass (or two) of wine and join me at 7 pm EDT here on live video.

Right after this, my Wine Smart Course students will gather inside our private online group for a guided tasting of Great Value Wines that have just arrived in Vintages.

They taste twice as expensive as they cost, so stock up for the holidays!

I’ve sent a list of these so you can taste the same wines along with me to see if you get the same aromas and flavours I do 😉

Meanwhile, on the Unreserved Wine Talk, we chat with Jane Masters, Master of Wine and independent consultant for largest wine buying club.

You’ll discover:

  • What’s the difference between a Master of Wine (MW) and a Master Sommelier (MS)?
  • Is there a benefit to focusing on tasting notes instead of scores?
  • Are there any particularly interesting or notable holders of the MW?
  • How can you become a better taster?
  • How does Jane influence the Canadian wine world through the Opimian wine buying club?
  • How can you benefit from Jane’s pairing-focused approach to wine?

John, tune in here for all of these answers!


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